Thie My Chree - Self Catering, Isle of Man

Location & Photos

Thie My Chree is located in the town of Ramsey in the North of the Isle of Man. The property is a ten minute walk in either direction to Parliament Square or the Hairpin; it's in prime location for the Tourist Trophy (TT) or Festival of Motorcycling (previously MGP).

Directions: From Parliament Square in Ramsey, turn up the road between Raymotors Showroom and Filling station. Carry on up the road past the golf club on your right and into the Claughbane estate home zone (20mph). Take your first turning right into Fairway Drive, then the second road on the left onto Claughbane Avenue.

Thie My Chree can be found on the right hand side of the road adjoining No.5 Claughbane Avenue; the accomodation has a large "Three Legs of Man" on the building and the entrance to Thie My Chree can be found on the left hand side of No.5 off the side road.